All t-shirts are premium Bella Canvas material in an athletic cut. They are soft, elastic, light, and breathable. The silkscreen is top-quality and will not crack, peel, or fade.


The fight starts with Tactical Mobility. 

Made with premium materials. Silkscreen can include image on front, back, and reverse flag on the sleeve - or all three.

Mobility Cap

Let's face it, all that testosterone killed your hairline. Cover that crap up and look good in that 18,000 pounds of awesomeness.

Mobility hats are carefully stitched on Old Favorite Trucker hats with snap backs. 

Sierra Team

You either ride that Sierra wind, or you don't.  Send it.

Standard shirt is black, but available in various colors by request.


Please e-mail for backorder requests.


Comfortable and sharp apparel for pipehitters that get it done.

Lettering on the back of the shirt is optional.

These items can be ordered by applicable team members only.  To place an order, please send an email or order from an official green side e-mail address for employment verification purposes and state of which team you are a member.  Custom orders are shipped in three weeks.  Send orders to or at . Please include your shipping address with any order.  Any emails that are received from unofficial email addresses requesting these items will be disregarded.