Cobalt Ballistics offers custom and turn-key firearms and tactical training solutions for LE and military demands. Cobalt training is end-user validated and CLEET-certified. Cobalt provides instruction on a contract basis with a cadre of experienced military and law-enforcement professionals. We are veteran-owned and run.

50 BMG Ballistics

Zeroes, hold-overs, wind calls, and recoil management for the mighty 50 BMG

Off-Angle Ballistics

Range estimation techniques, ballistic trigonometry, exterior ballistics, and wind and elevation corrections for precision rifle for real-world applications. 

Select-Fire Instructor

CLEET #22-1620. Police certification to operate and instruct select-fire carbines and SMGs. Advanced techniques for stance, trigger manipulation, and recoil management.

Sniper Instructor

Deep dive into adult learning theory, curriculum preparation, and correcting fundamentals. Thorough review of ballistics to include gravitational forces, spin drift, ballistic coefficient, sectional density, wind calls, ogives, density altitude, nomenclature internal and external ballistics, and ranging.

Aircraft Hostage Rescue

Sophisticated practical techniques for commercial aircraft hostage rescue. Students must be current LE and SWAT-certified. Classroom instruction includes tactics, safety, aircraft decompression, and aircraft breaching. Practical exercises include APU function, overwing hatch operation, interior tactics, and aircraft entry.

Additional Courses include: 

Red Dot Pistol Transition/Instructor

Precision Rifle 

Tactical Combat Casualty Care